Part 1: Grocery Shopping Frustrations

Family Guy: Peter Griffin – What Really Grinds My Gears

Peter Griffin couldn’t have expressed his annoyances and frustrations better than during his Quahog 5 News segments “Grind My Gears” on the brilliant cartoon, Family Guy by Seth McFarland.

So, in taking a queue from this honest, accurate and clever segment, I’ve been inspired to devote an entire OFT series to aggravating occurrences, annoying individuals, and popular pet peeves that irk one to their inner core.

To start off this series, I put forth the irritation that is the sluggish, slow-moving, and/or senile person in-front you at the grocery store deli and/or checkout line.

  • “Let’s see, what do I want…What. Do. I. Want?”
  • “How much is it again?” [Slowly pulls out accurate cash and change]
  • “What’s the difference are between those 3 meats? Would I be able to try each of them?
  • “Oh wait, I forgot just a few (3+) items.”
  • “How does this loyalty program work? What does a point mean? “How do I use this loyalty card?
  • [Inserts debit card…wrong pin. Inserts debit card…wrong pin. Inserts debit card…wrong pin.]

It is each of those scenarios (there are many more) that strikes a certain fury in a person’s inner core. It is the immediate feeling of wanting to burst out in rage and frustration. And though while older people, those over 80, should perhaps be given a pass (maybe), as they make up a significant portion of these events; the majority of those who cause much of these occurrences, are really just inconsiderate, disrespectful, and self-centered people who have no regard for those around them.

And it’s not just me who possesses such utter frustration and irritation from such situations. In a Forrester survey, over half of shoppers are willing to “walk away entirely, to avoid a slow checkout.” It’s no wonder online grocery shopping is on the rise.

As long as obnoxious and thoughtless people slow down grocery lines, irritation and impatience will continue to drive more and more people to abandon traditional grocery shopping for the online alternative.