Slow Walkers…Get Out Da Way!

[Hook: Ludacris]
Move bitch, get out the way
Get out the way bitch, get out the way

These lyrics from the song “Move Bitch Get Out Da Way” by Ludacris, perfectly encapsulates every New Yorker’s (or any metropolitan person) inner monologue while walking behind slow walkers.

In a hustle-and-bustle city such as New York, where most people are in a rush get somewhere, it is imperative that there are no obstructions or delays whatsoever. Unfortunately because of unreliable public transportation and absurd traffic at all hours of the day, walking proves to be one of the fastest modes of transportation. However, walking is only the quickest mode of transportation until slow walkers, phone fanatics, and/or tourists infiltrate the route in which natives utilize to get to work.

So why can’t fast walking New Yorkers easily share the sidewalks with these cell phone distracted and slow walking individuals? Well if you’ve ever been to NYC then you’d know that that most sidewalks are either extremely crowded or quite narrow. In addition, to make things worse, visiting persons tend to walk in groups often taking up large portions of the walkways while ignorantly obstructing pathways for others trying to move past. And outsiders wonder why New Yorkers are always so irritable.

Understandably, for those who don’t live in a walking-driven city and who might not be able to fully comprehend the frustrations that New Yorkers have to endure everyday, the following example will provide a comparable situation. Imagine driving on the freeway on your way to work and suddenly there are no fast lane/slow lane rules. Slow drivers are driving in both the left hand lanes as well as the right hand lanes; leaving you limited lanes and opportunities to pass these slow moving cars. This analogy accurately describes walking in New York City.

And sure living in a large metropolitan city such as New York offers more than just the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is these day to day inconveniences that drive New Yorkers ill-mannered ways and contribute to the “rude” New Yorker stereotype.