Give Gen Z A Couple Years…Then They’ll Want Makeup

Per the Retail Dive article “As Gen Z turns away from makeup, beauty braces for an ugly holiday season“, beauty retailers such as Ulta and Estee Lauder are seeing a downward trend in makeup sales all due to the Gen Z consumers making more conscious purchases towards skincare and spending less on cosmetics.

According to Erinn Murphy, managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, the number of teens who wear makeup every day has fallen from 53% about a year and a half ago to 38% in the most recent report.

But unlike a decade or two ago, the emphasis on caring for one’s skin at an early age is becoming more and more prevalent. Not only are there more organic and youth-appropriate skincare brands on the market, but parents have also begun to influence their children to take better care of their skin and are willing to shell out money to ensure to proper skincare maintenance.

But the question still remains…why are more and more teenage girls opting out of wearing makeup? One theory posed in the article could be the behavioral shift of young consumers gravitating toward the VSCO girl trend; a throwback to the early 90’s in which teenage girls rock the oversized T-shirt, Birkenstock sandals, shell necklace, and messy bun held in place with a scrunchie.

However a trend is a trend. I say give these Gen Z women a few more years when their skin isn’t as flawless, more of their peers are wearing makeup, and the drive to look their best on a date or in the workplace kicks in.

The no-makeup trend won’t last forever…just wait until the fine lines start to appear and skin doesn’t appear as radiant, then the youths of today will be stock piling cosmetics like the rest of us.