There’s A Toilet Paper Holder For A Reason!

When you run out of a toilet paper roll at home do you just plop the next roll on top of other the empty roll? And do you not even bother to discard the empty roll that is still on the holder? Most likely not because it’s YOUR place and YOU do not want to live like an inconsiderate asshole.

More often than not I encounter a public bathroom, either in a bar, restaurant, or venue, where I see a roll of toilet paper sitting a top of an empty roll. And a few things come to mind. How lazy are people to which they can’t replace a roll of toilet paper? How difficult it is really to remove the old roll with the new roll? And don’t these idiots know that with placing a roll a top of a holder the roll is more likely to fall to the disgusting floor?

So many questions and yet very few answers! But that’s people for you. Always willing to suit their own needs, but never thinking about the person after them. And for women and men, that definitely applies to the bathroom!

Being the anomaly that I am, I refuse to leave a bathroom without properly attaching a new roll of toilet paper onto the holder…where it belongs. Maybe it’s due to my slightly obsessive nature or/and possibly it’s because of upbringing to be a considerate person.

However regardless of the why one may display altruistic behaviors, just the act of correctly placing/securing a new roll of toilet paper into the holder proves and demonstrates the act of a thoughtful and mindful human being.