Unwieldy & Obnoxious Children…Not Cute!

“Oh, look at that cute and adorable child screaming away & disrupting everyone’s pleasant afternoon.” – said no one ever

Whether it be on a plane, in a restaurant, or in a grocery store, most everyone has undoubtedly encountered a child (or many children) throwing a fit and crying uncontrollably without a care of their surroundings.

And what about the child’s parents? Are they doing anything to calm the child down? Or disciplining their child from throwing a tantrum? Per experience, in about fifty percent of the time parents ignore or just let their child disrupt others around them.

So the question in hand is, do we blame the unruly behavior on the child or does the fault lie on the parents lack of quieting and controlling their child’s public outburst? My firm believe is that the fault lies on the parents inability to discipline, calm, and/or shut down their child’s crying/tantrum.

Do these inconsiderate parents not notice other’s frustrations emanating around them? Or what the infuriating glances focused in their direction? It is truly hard to fathom that these type of unsympathetic parents ignore and/or allow their children to disrupt others around them just because they cannot be bothered.

To which I advise, “When in doubt, just get the chocolate out!”