Stop the Excessive Use of “Like”!

Prior moving to New York City, I thought the recurring use of the word “like” was only used in certain parts of California. Boy was I wrong!

This valley girl lingo has somehow made its way to NYC; infiltrating many New Yorker’s vocabulary. Though this infectious word is primarily used amongst women, I’ve also seen this bad habit spread throughout the male population.

The infectious “like” overuse epidemic causes symptoms such as sounding dumber then one really is, appearing younger than one’s age, and causing irritation in everyone around them.

How is the use of this word so difficult to understand? The word “like” should be used when providing examples, describing how one thing is similar to another thing, and talking about how things are similar (aka a simile). Yet somehow this definition has been lost in NYC society.

So how do we combat this annoying overuse of “like”? How can we prevent the dumbing down of American speech?

Call it out! As per the initiative “if you see something, say something”, enact a similar course of action; “if you overhear ‘like’ too much, say something!”