3 Reasons Why I Will Never Buy Voice/Virtual Assistants

1.) They’re Listening!

What primarily creeps me out about owning an Alexa or a Google Home device is the idea that it’s always listening. How ironic is it that a majority of the public immensely objects the government monitoring for potential threats to U.S. and yet people are willing to let companies listen in on their conversations.

2.) Alexa…what that hell did I just buy?
It’s an unfortunate event heard all too frequently. Stories about people who accidentally purchase items they do not need or items that they did not mean to purchase from their Amazon Alexa. And it’s all because of a slip of the tongue or an impetuous voice for an item not intended.

But just think…what about people with children? Oh the horror, oh the orders, and oh the credit card bill!

I personally much prefer to browse, assess, and carefully consider all of my Amazon “saved” options/items before purchasing the best reviewed and favorited choices.

3.) Music, Weather, a Timer…what else?
Of the people that I know who have a Google Assistant device or an Amazon Alexa, I’ve come to notice that they most frequently use these devices for asking for the current weather, playing a specific song and/or turning on a timer.

But wait…doesn’t a phone or a computer do the same thing? Why yes they do! So what’s the point of getting a voice assistance device? Per points one and two listed above, I really have no idea!