Amazon Offers Tours of Their Warehouses…In Hopes of Driving Away Customers?


Ever wonder how Amazon manages the shipments of millions and millions of packages a day? You’re in luck! In the spring of 2019 Amazon announced that the public would be able tour a select number of fulfillment centers to see their operations in action.

I must say that the prospect of touring an Amazon fulfillment center does sound somewhat appealing. To see the innovative and efficient technology that organizes and assembles millions of orders a day (possibly each hour) would be quite incredible. But as the saying goes, it would be like witnessing “how the sausage gets made”.

The fear is real. Visiting an Amazon fulfillment center would only uncover & show the potential unpleasant working conditions, machine-like labor, and hectic environment, only to discourage future order placements on Amazon.

I much prefer the saying “ignorance is bliss”. Not knowing is how something exactly works or functions sometimes is the best idea.