Seriously? You’re Taking the Elevator One Flight at the Gym?!

Unlike large gyms I’ve been to in other parts of the country which have the space to expand, here in New York City multi-floor gyms and/or workout facilities are extremely common. Due to space constraints in the city, most health & wellness establishments span multiple floors. Gyms such as the 92nd Street Y and Asphalt Green organize their 3-5 story space by allocating each floor to specific activities or services such as cardio, weights, membership offices, locker rooms, classes/studios, etc. And because these spaces have multiple floors, most of these facilities are equipped with elevators and stairs.

Now that you have an idea of how most gyms and workout facilities are laid out in New York City, you should be able to grasp the frustration that the remainder of this post will outline.

First off…isn’t the whole point of going to the gym to either get in shape, lose weight, train for a competition, or carry out some type of physical therapy? While for a majority of gym goers these objectives are the reasons they attend, there are others that seem to have a completely different notion of the actual purpose of a gym. It is these uncommitted and unmotivated people who deem it necessary to wait for and take the elevator one floor in either direction.

It is an unwritten rule that one should only take the elevator if one of the following scenarios applies –

1.) You have a cart, stroller or a large package
2.) You are disabled or injured
3.) You are over the age of 60 or under the age of 4
4.) You have your dog with you
5.) You are going up/down 3 or more floors

Unfortunately today, many choose to ignore and/or disobey these simple unspoken rules of riding the elevator. In a time where people seem to think laziness, inconsideration, selfishness, and indifference is acceptable to get away with, don’t expect the one floor elevator riders to decline anytime soon.